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With Credit Score Junkies' 24/7 credit monitoring, you don't find out about problems after they've become or been a huge stinking mess. You are notified right away when something in your report changes.

This increases your chances of putting a stop to identity theft before the thief racks up a mass of debt in your name. It also means if a negative mark goes on your credit, you know about it and can get to resolving it fast! Instead of having it catch you by surprise at the worst possible time.

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Whether you're trying to clean or clear your credit - or just keep it safe and protected - our plans help ensure you're not surprised by things that could hurt you.

Your identity & credit are currency and a power you alone should own and control. Credit Junkies helps guard you from anyone who might try to harm or steal that currency or power away.

Wallets stolen yearly in US alone
Hours or MORE on the phone to fix identity theft
Average amount a person loses to identity theft
How much more bad credit will cost on a $25K car loan

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Your credit score is a tool to help you meet your goals. Want to get better rates on loans and credit cards? Refi your student loans — or even your mortgage? Your credit score could make it happen. Protect It. Improve It. Guard It Like Gold.

your 3-bureau credit report

Your 3-Bureau Credit Report: Why It’s Important to Know What’s In It… NOW.

There are many ways you can improve your credit score. One of them is to own a couple of credit cards and regularly make payments on or pay off your balance, covering more than the minimum due, to show that you are reliable and can be trusted with credit. If you do this routinely and don’t let other accounts go delinquent, your credit score will reap the rewards.

improve your credit score steps

Improve Your Credit Rating: 7 Steps to Take First

Your credit score gives you buying power and determines how much you will pay for that buying power now and over time. Increasing your score just a few points will make a difference in both of those areas too. If your credit score is high enough, you’ll have no problem qualifying for lenders’ best rates on everything from credit cards to auto financing, home loans insurance and even small business loans should that be a goal or desire.

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